Mifa Package 10-30 person

200.000 KWD

Revouna Flowers

Mifa Package 10-30 person includes:

-(2) Waitress

-(4) Types of coffee (Arabic - Turkish - French - Cappuccino)

-(4) Types of tea (Regular - green - thyme - lemon)

-(4) Types of juices (Orange - mango - strawberry - cocktail)

-(2) Tray of sweet coffee (the kind will be chosen after booking)

-(3) Tray of mwaleh (the kind will be chosen after booking)

- Two sides decorated flower and one in the middel as showen in the photos

- decorated flowers on sweets table or giveaways table

-(48) Bottle of water (30) with custome name (Please write the name of the event in special order)

-(5) Handkerchief with custome name

- Acrylic name for entrance

- the receptions include natural, artificial and dried flowers. The customer just can take only natural flowers

- The price increases when people increase
- if cash payment is chosen, (10%) of the amount will be collected within 24 hours after completing the order, if order is canceled after paying the retainer, it is will not refounded

we will contact you after ordering

Service and presentation method

Preparation time

336 Hour


no requirement

Duration of stay

5 Hour

Delivery date
Delivery Time
Package options ( Required )

Package additionals ( Additional )