Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:


  • Please read terms and conditions carefully.
  • By using the pages on this website, you are deemed to agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, don't use this site.
  • Receiving Company for General Trading, Import, Export and Agent reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove parts of these terms and conditions at its discretion at any time and without prior notice.
  • Our full terms and conditions are the only ones that apply unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Please check this page periodically for any modifications. Your continued use of this site after posting any changes will mean that you have accepted these changes.
  • These terms and conditions are only taken into account as notice of any sale offer and any subsequent contract.


1- Estqbalat app:


  • Thank you for choosing a our website (later referred to as "Estqbalat", "We", "Us", Or "Our Own").
  • Estqbalat company for general trade, import and export and agent commission manage “Estqbalat website” and its applications on Android and iPhone. Estqbalat provides the opportunity to buy and sell for all wedding and reception supplies ,and the Kuwait is headquartered.


2- Visitors and members:

  • Visitors or members must enter and verify the correct Personal data before performing any request and “Estqbalat” is not responsible for any errors in the data entered by the visitor or member.
  • You should keep the passwords or login details you may need to use our website secure, and don't tell anyone who is not authorized to use them. Only you are responsible for all requests made using your account.
  • The visitor or member must be at least 18 years old and if he is younger, there must be a guardian if the site is used to execute an order.
  • In the event of an order, the visitor or member must be resident in the country which we serve in.
  • You can access our site in that country.
  • When ordering any product or service through our website, it means legally entering binding contracts.




  • “Estqbalat” is a website that allows visitors or members to order products and services from participating companies on our website. We are only a broker between the customer (product requester) and the company providing the product or service (joint company).
  • The applicant of the service or product from our website or one of his applications on Android or iPhone receives a letter of confirmation of the request and the receipt of confirmation of the request from you is considered to be accepted by you and in recognition that they are the only conditions that apply to the contract, and do not apply other non-existent terms that you may imagine.
  • The contract only includes confirmed products or services. 
  • These terms and conditions apply to all requests via our website and banishes any other terms.


4-Payment terms:


  • 100% of all orders ordered through our website must be paid before you are provided with products or services.
  • In the event of the execution of the order and the choice to pay in cash there are some products and services need a deposit to confirm the booking of the service or product on the date chosen by the user and the user will be alerted if there is a deposit for the booking in the description of the product or service.
  • The customer (user of the site) pays the deposit after the execution of the order for a period of not more than a day, otherwise the booking is considered cancelled for the service or product.
  • If the service or product is cancelled by the user after the deposit has been paid, the deposit will not be refunded. 
  • If the service or product is cancelled by the companies participating in the site after payment of the deposit, the deposit will be refunded.


5-Accepting and delivering products:


  • The products become yours after payment.
  • All possible efforts are made and taken care to deliver the product on the agreed date, but it is important to know that any delivery date is mostly discretionary and we are not obliged to take any responsibility for losses that may result from delays or errors at delivering products to customers. Any damage or loss of products may be exposed during the delivery process for which we are not always responsible. In such cases you must require the company concerned to compensate for any losses or damages in accordance with its own policy.
  • The companies participating in “Estqbalat” are responsible for delivering customer orders.
  • If the customer is not present at the specified address, the product will not be delivered to any other address. If any error is found in the agreed address, you bear all the legal responsibilities resulting by this. In such a case, the money paid is not returned. If there are any errors in the delivery process It is the responsibility of rearranging the delivery to you and the company concerned in accordance with its terms of transportation.
  • Acceptance of the delivery order is an acceptance of the products and therefore an acknowledgement of the commitments made in the contract,You should check the authenticity of the products delivered upon receipt and in case of any error or failure please check with the driver who made the delivery,If you do not, no complaint sought about delivering a wrong order or a shortage of products delivered or for any other reason.
  • All agreed values must be paid in order to start the delivery process (unless special terms are agreed with us or with the company concerned).
  • There must be someone authorized to receive the order at the specified delivery location.


6-Discounts and offers:


  • We take no responsibility for special offers on the required products that are agreed just by the joint company responsible for this. We act as an intermediary to advertise special products that the joint company informs us. When any special offers or discounts are cancelled by the company, it is due to what it deems appropriate and based on its decision only. com is not responsible for any special discounts or offers that the Company refuses before or after booking through our website.
  • Product list prices, photos, coupon discounts and offers, minimum order value and any delivery fees contained on our website are the responsibility of the companies involved in our website alone, we do not Afford any liability whatsoever or any legal liability arising from any differences between the price list displayed on the com and the company's delivery list, in the event of any discrepancy we invite Estqbalat.com users to inform us of any differences if they exist, for review with the joint company.


  1. Additional fees:


  • There may be some additional financial charges that are subject to certain products and services contained on our website depending on the item, when you request anything that applies to such a condition, the additional amounts are increased on your order, the requesting party is fully responsible for paying any delivery fee or any additional fees prior to the delivery.
  • The value of the products ordered through our website must be paid before delivery, and this is done through the payment page through our website.
  • We have the right to sue you judicially in order to collect any amounts of money owed to you.


8- Products or services:


  • We have the right to modify any details of the products or services advertised without warning. Although we do our best to accurately describe the goods on this site, we give no assurance of full accuracy and do not take any responsibility for a misdescription or any resulting loss.
  • The ownership of products or services and their labels remains the property of the company that provides products or services, products or services are provided to you only after payment of the full amount of money owed to you.
  • We do not interfere in any way in the process of producing any kind of products that serve companies and do not produce or sell any product or service. We only offer the possibility of searching for local companies that produce products or services and continue to deliver them to you. The companies listed on our website comply with the local laws, regulations and regulations of any country operating on its territory, hygiene standards that apply to the process of preparing food, and safety requirements related to sales and marketing. com is not responsible for the failure of any company participating in our site to reach the required and adequate acceptable standards.
  • com does not in any way guarantee the quality of any products or services, or the compatibility of any product delivered with any applicable laws. Although we have made every effort to provide accurate descriptions of products or services, we cannot and do not guarantee that the list of products or services displayed on the site is the same as what is offered to users.
  • We always reserve the right to retain, block or cancel any service pending payment of dues in full.


9-Quotes and contracts:


  • All approved products are subject to our right to adjust the prices contained on our website to take into account any changes in the prices of the company concerned, or the provisions of laws or legislation requiring us to raise prices directly or otherwise. Prices are based on current costs. In the event of any increase after your application has been confirmed, we have the right to inform you and apply any increase to you


  1. Cancel and change products and refund payments:


  • If there is a product error or need to modify your order, you can cancel the order within 24 hours prior to the previously specified delivery date and within business hours. Any charges for cancellations or modifications made within 24 hours of the date and time of delivery are due to each company's policy in relation to this. For delivery orders that come within special offers that can be delivered within a short time, cancellation or modification can be made within 5 minutes of confirmation of the order. Due to the rapid business nature of our corporate partners in accepting and preparing your applications, it is not possible to cancel the order after this time.
  • We must be notified in writing of your decision to cancel the request. You can submit your application according to the instructions you receive. Orders cannot be cancelled and refunded for orders that include any products specially designed or tailored to you, such as celebration cakes, or any products or services tailored to your personal wishes. Any cancellation notice should be sent to the following email [email protected]
  • You cannot in any way cancel your order if the process of producing or delivering products has already begun.
  • In the event of any permitted cancellation of the order, we are working to refund all payments for purchased products or services. We use the same payment methods that you have adopted to pay for purchases unless we expressly agree to the contrary. We reserve the right not to return the funds at our sole discretion.
  • Our contract is cancelled with you and you cannot claim any damages for any damages, losses or inconvenience.


11- Pricing and products available:


  • The availability and pricing of products or services is the property of the joint company that provider of the product or service.


12- Complaints and correspondence:


  • Because we care about the comfort of our customers, you can contact us on "[email protected]" if you are unable to resolve your problem and we will try to resolve the complaint with the company concerned. In such a case, we consider our decision final at our sole discretion.
  • Any complaint sought in relation to any of the companies participating in our website should be filed within 7 (seven) days.


13- Responsibility and compensation:


  • If any defects in the products cause death, or any damage to health or personal property, it is therefore the responsibility of the company concerned to provide the services. comis not responsible for any event or accident resulting from any defects in services or products unless it is the result of negligence on our part. Our liability for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of any negligence on our part is limited to the value of the contracted products.
  • We are not responsible for any losses or damages arising from the provision of products to you under these terms and conditions. We also assume no responsibility for:
    - Any delay in delivery that the company must make. 
    - Any failure or non-delivery at all.
    -Any products that are wrong or inappropriate.
    In this case, you should contact the relevant company directly to submit your complaint or requests.


14- Property rights for images, content and drawings:


  • The content on the website, trademarks, service marks and logos covered by these terms (marks) is owned by comwebsite or licensed to the site and is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights in the State of Kuwait and international treaties. The content of the site includes without limitation all the basic software content, databases, functions, software, web site designs, audio, video, text, photographs and graphics. All charts, logos, designs, page heads, icons, texts and service names belonging to the site are registered trademarks and trademarks under general law or commercial form of the site in Kuwait.


15- Emergencies:


  • Any failure or delay in the obligation to serve you or not to be able to serve you we are not responsible for it as long as this is caused by our reasonable control, and in such circumstances we have the right to notify you of the termination of the contract either in full or in part without any liability of any kind towards you.


16- Payment via ESTQBALAT.COM electronically:


  • When ordering our products, we are entitled to charge from your credit cards applicable purchase fees, delivery fees, and any other charges that may result from your use of our services. We guarantee that you will maintain the confidentiality of your financial details and not disclose them to any third party as part of any payment except for the payment system provider. The company concerned may accept cash receivables upon delivery.


17- The law in force and the judiciary:


  • These terms and conditions are interpreted and subject to Kuwaiti law. The Kuwaiti judiciary is solely responsible for the consideration of all disputes relating to or may arise from these conditions.