About us

Estqbalat Company works to facilitate the process of requesting various services and products related to parties, events, family and business meetings such as seminars or other events. The Company has established its website and applications in Android and iPhone after studying the needs of customers, and facilitating the process of searching and ordering the various services related to event resources with unique care that can be observed from the first using. That was the aim of creating a network that facilitates the process of hosting the events, and makes them more enjoyable. Also Estqbalat offers largest selection of product and packages of flower bouquets, catering supplies for events, hospitality services, cake dishes, balloons for parties, live cooking stations, home-style dishes, gifts, all wedding needs and major events. It offers for users all comprehensive packages for small and large events from one store, or they can coordinate their reception from more than one store according to what they think is appropriate for them.